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the pageantry continues

We love a good celebration.  Lucky for us, OPTIC NERVE: Prints & Multiples by Sean Mellyn was a hit.  Here’s a bit of eye candy:

Here’s director Casey Burry & owner Patrick Sullivan perched on the Sean Mellyn Installation, moments before the opening reception.

The snowman’s not sure how he’s still here past winter.

Pageant victim jeanbenet enticingly endorses milk-bones 

I wuv u!

From Kevin Fey:

UNDERLINE GALLERY: How are the paintings in “Color Unbound” made?

KEVIN FEY: The paintings are made from an industrial two-part resin. A small amount of pure pigment is suspended in the resin and the mixture is poured directly onto the surface of the canvas. After the resin hits the canvas it is moved and heated, the heated portions flow more easily than the room temperature portions so a dynamic fluid surface is achieved. By controlling this resin and working with the nature of the stretched canvas surface the resulting image is an extremely high fidelity fade, with the distinctions in tone coming not from a darker color but from a greater physical concentration of material.


UNDERLINE: How did you arrive at this technique?

FEY: The current technique was developed out of my desire to create formless beauty in paintings. It’s been my focus for years to create paintings with as few elements as necessary. Initial works in this style focused on the tension between various materials, the beauty of their insolubility. These works were partially successful but still allowed for a direct understanding; if you understood the process you understood the painting. The works in the “Color Unbound” series hide all the struggle of their creation. You must address the color and the fade directly without even a record of its creation to guide you. 


KEVIN FEY: Color Unbound

Opens May 23

The artist in his studio preparing for the show.

Interview coming next…