a contemporary art gallery in New York City.
As we gear up for the launch of Underline’s new online shop, here are a few creative gift-giving ideas for this holiday season to support artists and the arts community:  
Give a donation in someone’s name to an arts nonprofit
There are so many amazing organizations out there that could use public support that it’s hard to figure out where to even begin. Here are two organizations that I personally really love, one that works locally in New York and another that engages with artists all over the world.
The Chasama Foundation repurposes vacant properties and storefronts for use as show spaces that brings creativity to a variety of neighborhoods throughout New York City. Donations to the nonprofit cover a range of specific needs for the organization.
In the past year, major political upheavals throughout the world have led to many artists being forced to flee their home countries. Believing that creative expression is an integral component to expanding social justice, FreeDimensional supports cultural workers living in conflict regions around the world through. The organization uses a variety of resources and means, often partnering with and connecting others in the global arts and social justice communities. Their Creative Safe Haven program, for example, assists in placing artists in residency spaces to escape conflict zones, and connects artists with advocacy and human rights organizations. Checking out some of their case studies displays the impact of their work on artist’s lives.
Support a KickStarter project in someone’s name (or give them the sweet thank-you gift that comes with the pledge)
Aside from being an awesome way to be directly involved with the funding of amazing projects, most Kickstarters feature rare finds by way of thank-you gifts for your contribution—something extra on top of those warm fuzzies that come from helping make amazing ideas happen. Check out some of the curated pages (from folks like Good Magazine and The New Museum) of different Kickstarters to support to get inspired and find a cause.
(this is an image from the project Silent Lights, which is an awesome project with a super-cool pledge thank-you items inspired by the project’s design) 

Check out one of the many holiday craft fairs in New York City
(a sampling of some of the offerings from the Brooklyn Craft Central Holiday Market)

Brooklyn Craft Central’s Annual Holiday Market offers wares from 65 different local crafters and designers, with different vendors each day. Support local artists (and local food trucks!) while wrapping up your Christmas shopping. Or check out the Brooklyn Holiday Bazaar at Artists and Fleas (or their pop-up shop space at the Chelsea Market)

Make something at an Etsy Labs Craft Night

If supporting the arts isn’t enough for you, consider making something yourself! Etsy Labs’ Craft Nights are a great way to meet fellow creative folks and learn new things from them.
Stop by Underline Gallery 12/23 and 12/24 for our holiday sale that I’m about to write another blog post about.